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Handcrafted was born out of a desperate need for coffee shops serving good specialty coffee and create a difference in this market filled with low grade commercial coffees. We decided to have our own micro roastery and serve our customers with fresh, in-house roasted coffee beans. Our beans go through a tedious process of roast profiling and cupping giving each lot an individual profile and roast level that highlights it's own specific flavour notes and nuances. 











We are really proud of the reception we have received, especially after opening a store in a majorly tea drinking state like Madhya Pradesh. Introducing specialty grade coffee in Bhopal was a challenge but something we got a lot of love for. We work closely with coffee plantations, procuring coffee from the finest estates across the country. These estates work extremely hard to produce a specialty batch while making sure of sustainable and ethical practices.

Coffee is more than just a drink to us, it's a practice, an art that we put a lot of care into. An entire army of people work throughout a long supply chain that brings us our daily cup of joe! It's important that we do justice to their hard work by brewing it right!

Our online store has become synonymous with quality, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise that fit any budget. Check out our amazing products and start shopping today.

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