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Brewing with a V60 Pour Over

The V60 pour over method is one of the most simple yet effective ways to brew coffee. Everything from the set up, equipment, brewing method, to the clean up is an absolute hassle free experience. Before we get too ahead here, let's ask the most basic questions first.

What is Pour Over Coffee?

The pour over method is basically hot water poured on to coffee grounds in a paper or cloth filter into a carafe or cup. This method is also known as hand brewed or manually brewed coffee as it involves the user using nothing but the equipment and bare hands.

WhY Pour Over?

Pour over is a widely used brewing method thanks to its simplicity and super clean brew. It makes you appreciate the mild flavour notes in your coffee which is otherwise lost in various other brewing methods. And that makes this a highly preferred brewing method for single estate and specialty coffee beans so as to accentuate the aroma and flavour notes.

Compared to other immersion methods like Aeropress or French Press where the water is saturated, pour over or drip brewing method inculcates a steady flow of water and filters out most of the oils and hence resulting in a clean cup.

Hand Brewed Coffee

What do you need?

You will need the following things to brew a perfect cup of hand brewed coffee.

Equipment: Dripper, Filter (Paper or Cloth), Kettle, Scale (Optional), Flask/Cup

Coffee: High Quality Specialty Coffee Beans (Medium Fine Grind) (Light or Medium Roast)

Water: Use filtered water, hot but not boiling (˜90 C)

the process

Once everything is ready, you can get right on with the brewing. The steps given below should be a great guide. You can always mix things up and personalise as per your liking.

  1. Place the filter on the dripper and put the kettle to boil.

  2. Use the hot water to wet the dripper and remove any papery taste from the filter.

  3. Put 18g of coffee into the filter (best if freshly ground).

  4. Shake the dripper and flatten the coffee grounds.

  5. Gently pour about 50 ml hot water on to the coffee grounds in a circular manner, covering the whole area.

  6. Wait for the water to drip down and then pour about 150 ml water in the same manner in short breaks. This is where you can get creative.

  7. Agitate the coffee by occasionally stirring or swirling the coffee grounds just to make sure that all of the coffee has come in contact with water.

  8. Take your flask or cup and gently swirl the coffee around to incorporate some air and highlight the aroma.

Pour over coffee

Your coffee is ready! Have it as it is or with sugar or honey, however you like.

Happy Brewing!


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