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Handcrafted: The Genesis

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Our inception came as a solution to the massive need and desperation for good coffee in the city our Founder, Mr. Navneet Tiwari lived in. He used to be a strategy consultant in South East Asia and was hence continuously travelling to Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and other spaces. Coffee had become a part of his life through the influence of a few coffee loving friends and colleagues. It all began when a cafeteria owner near his apartment would allow him to make coffee there. Slowly he became a regular there and decided to put his knowledge and skill towards building his own coffee shop!

The awareness, let alone having a coffee culture in Bhopal was a huge driving force. It's actually not limited to this city but a vast majority of Indians are still deprived of even the idea of specialty coffee, let alone access to it. Navneet decided to step up and develop a specialty coffee culture in Bhopal and expand from there on.

Then followed months and months of rigorous research and interactions with coffee estates and roasters. In Sept. 2019, Navneet opened his first cafe in Bhopal which included a roastery as well. In fact his coffee machine and roaster are custom made and one of a kind in the whole country.

We would procure coffee beans from the best organic coffee estates across India and roast them to perfection at the cafe. Our customers, most of them new to specialty coffee and even hand brewed coffee simply loved it!

The turning point came when real coffee enthusiasts and expert food bloggers like Geetu Mohnani & Marryam appreciated our coffee when they made visits to our cafe. That was enough motivation to expand our roasted coffee beans sale to a pan India market and let our amazing roasts reach a wider and critical audience.

We have always been true to the bean and roasted our batches to bring out the best in characteristics in them. Unlike other roasteries, we do not offer multiple roast levels for the same type of bean. After a few roasts and cupping sessions, we understand which roast level is the best for that particular bean and we make sure we process the entire batch within that and occasionally providing another compatible roast profile.

Along with this, we also examine which brewing method is the most suitable for the particular roast profile and hence giving our patrons a better understanding before every purchase.

Handcrafted's primary objective was to develop and curate a specialty coffee culture so that people are at least able to distinguish good coffee from bad. We provide not just coffee or beans, but promote our customers to try various types of coffee drinks, beans and methods to fully appreciate the amazing world that coffee has to offer. We conduct a weekly cupping session for our customers to help them judge coffee beans and develop a palate that is capable of identifying even the mild flavours hidden beneath the bitterness of a cup.

We also conduct hand brewed coffee workshops to encourage home brewing. We believe that once people start brewing their own coffee at home, they will understand the different variables and qualities of coffee beans and would also start experimenting with beans, methods, measurements, etc. All of this leads to a positive curiosity and people coming together to talk about coffee.

That's the dream. To unite people with good coffee.

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